Top 2 Mobile banking apps in Pakistan

Online baking is the most widely used way to transfer money and other payment activities. Online banking provides many features similar to physical bank branches. In this case, mobile banking apps are most famous for doing these tasks. Baking apps are easy to use because you can handle all your payment activities on your mobile device. In this article, we will discuss the top 2 best mobile banking apps in Pakistan. 

Why do we use these apps?

We use mobile banking apps to transfer payment to other bank accounts and for online shopping, buy tickets, Pay bills, buy mobile packages and load,  and for other online tasks. Apps also provide speediness to do payment transaction tasks. We can manage our physical and online business with these apps. These apps prioritize to provide a full secure environment to its users. By using these apps people easily do certain payment tasks rather than visiting the physical bank branches.

There are also some famous and best banking apps in Pakistan such as:

Easypaisa no 1 mobile banking app

Easypaisa is the famous and Pakistan no 1 mobile banking app. The app is developed by the telenor network and telenor microfinance bank. This app also works as mobile wallet users can store money digitally in pockets. 

Easypaisa provide many features to its user like as:

Money transfer: With the help of this mobile wallet app you can easily transfer money into any bank account of Pakistan. It also enables users to transfer personal to personal (P2P) money like family, friends and others.

Easily deposit money: You can also easily deposit money by bank transfer, linking your debit/credit card, from retailer shops and from easypaisa to easypaisa transfer.

Secure: It also provides full security to its user by providing authorization like Pin, Biomatric verification, transactions alerts on mobile number also you can add fingerprint/face login to access easypaisa in your mobile.

Fast transactions: It provides a fast payment transaction feature, you can easily transfer money by clicks in seconds.

For small business: This app provides a feature to become an easypaisa merchant. By enabling this feature you can increase your account sending and receiving limits, more control on your business by detailed transactions history available at your fingertips and also you can receive payment via payment link and QR code.

Others: You can also pay your online shopping bills, invoices, electricity bills, buy mobile packages and load, education fee, NADRA fee and other many tasks.

JazzCash one of the leading platform

JazzCash is the digital wallet and financial services app/platform by jazz, one of the leading mobile networks in Pakistan.  It is operated by Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited. It provides wide ranges of features to its users such as:

Money transfer: It also serves to transfer money from jazzCash to JazzCash and any bank account of Pakistan.

Bill payments: This app allows users to pay utility bills including electricity, gas, water and internet bills easily from your Smartphone’s.

Secure and fast: It provides full secure transactions to its user and also is a fast way.

Some other mobile banking apps

Here I am talking about some other banks mobile apps that have similar features to Easypaisa and JazzCash.

•          HBL mobile and Konnect by HBL: Powered by Habib bank limited.

•          NBP digital: Powered by National bank of Pakistan.

•          UBL digital: Powered by united bank limited.

•          MCB live: Powered by Muslim commercial bank limited.

•          Faysal digibank: Powered by faysal bank limited.

•          Alfa by bank alfalah: Powered by bank Alfalah limited.

•          Sada pay: Money made simple powered by sadapay.

Final words

Both easypaisa and jazz Cash are the great mobile wallets platforms in Pakistan. These app fasilating their users by providing many features to manage their financial services secretly/individually. Both apps prioritize to provide security to their users. Easypaisa and jazz cash have become a main part of the digital financial economy of Pakistan by providing tool to their users where they conduct transactions, Pay bills and manage their money effectively on their mobile devices.

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