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Top 5 YouTube Hashtag Generator Tools for 2024: Boost Your Video Promotion

Hashtags have evolved into an essential component of any online entertainment marketing strategy. An internet application called a YouTube hashtag generator provides relevant hashtags to use based on your keyword or video subject.

The main benefit of using a hashtag generator is that it frees up your time from having to physically search through hashtags, allowing you to capitalize on what is currently trending.

We’ll look at the top 5 YouTube hashtag generators in this post, which may help you advertise your videos more effectively in 2024.

Why do you use a YouTube hashtag generator ?

You can use the YouTube hashtag generator for the following important reasons:

  • Look up the most well-known hashtags: The tool searches YouTube to provide hashtags that are most often used about your niche or video topic. Discoverability is increased by this.
  • Locate the relevant long-tail hashtags: Beyond longer-tail hashtags like #YouTube or #vlogging, you can uncover explicit ones. Longer hashtags don’t seem as sly. Get ideas for hashtags right now.

Top 5 YouTube Hashtag Generators for 2024

Based on algorithms, data analysis, and ease of use, here are the top 5 hashtag generators for YouTube content in 2024:


The primary YouTube hashtag generator used by over a million content creators is called TubeBuddy. It integrates seamlessly with your YouTube account, analyzing the title and description of your video to suggest sophisticated hashtags.

Key features

  • Look at the channel hashtags month by month so you can concentrate on the popular ones.
  • suggests hashtags for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  • Look for banned or impeded terms in hashtags.
  • Chrome enhancement that is easily available
  • Examine the video topic to determine which hashtags are most relevant.


  • breaks analyze videos to suggest improved hashtags
  • Look at the channel hashtags month-by-month.
  • provides hashtags for different phases
  • An easy-to-use Chrome extension


  •  Requires revision for more in-depth research
  • ignores the context of hashtags about video content


VidIQ is another hugely popular YouTube tool that offers an intelligent hashtag generator. It works by evaluating your video’s SEO strength and curating hashtag ideas accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Generates hashtags tailored to your video’s focus keyword
  • Filters hashtags by relevancy and monthly searches
  • Provides competing hashtags for benchmarking
  • Hashtag recommendation performance tracking
  • Analyzes tags used by competing channels
  • Chrome extension available


  • Generates hashtags tailored to focus on keyword
  • Filters by relevancy and monthly searches
  • Tracks competing hashtags
  • Integrates directly with YouTube


  • Requires software installation
  • Limited hashtag suggestions in the free version

VidIQ integrates directly with YouTube to assess your video’s topic, titles, descriptions, transcripts, and more when generating smart hashtag suggestions. It’s easy to use and provides great supporting data.

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TagsForLikes focuses solely on helping you find the best hashtags for YouTube and Instagram. It provides a simple user interface to get hashtag ideas quickly.

Key Features:

  • Generates hashtags by analyzing related keywords
  • Filters by popularity with monthly searches
  • Provides hashtag ideas for Instagram and YouTube
  • Tracks top trending hashtags
  • An easy-to-use website with no login required


  • A simple website is easy to use
  • Provides Instagram & YouTube hashtags
  • Tracks top trending hashtags
  • No login required


  • Limited contextual analysis of video
  • Provides quantity over quality tags

TagsForLikes is great if you want a straightforward hashtag generator that doesn’t require any software installation. The website is simple to use for quick hashtag inspiration. Just enter a keyword and it instantly returns relevant YouTube and Instagram hashtags to boost your reach.

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RiteTag takes a unique approach by evaluating the sentiment, emojis, slang, and other details in your video title and description. It then generates hashtag ideas based on this contextual analysis.

Key Features:

  • Analyzes text sentiment and emotions to suggest relevant tags
  • Filters hashtags by popularity and relevancy
  • Provides usage data on each hashtag
  • Generates hashtags for YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.
  • Easy-to-use web app without needing to register


  • Analyzes text sentiment for creative hashtags
  • Provides usage data on each tag
  • Works for multiple platforms
  • Easy-to-use web app


  • Less focus on YouTube-specific features
  • Smaller database than other tools

If you want a hashtag generator that goes beyond just keywords, RiteTag is worth checking out. By detecting cues in your video’s text, it can come up with creative, tailored hashtags you may not have thought of.


Lastly, Hashtagify offers a wide range of free tools for generating hashtag ideas beyond just YouTube. It’s a great option for multi-channel networks.

Key Features:

  • Generates hashtags based on broad keyword research
  • Provides trend data on rising, falling, and stable hashtags
  • Tracks monthly searches and other metrics for each hashtag
  • Bulk hashtag analysis for up to 1000 tags at once
  • Web-based platform works on any device


  • Tracks trend data on rising/falling tags
  • Bulk analysis of up to 1000 tags
  • The web-based platform works anywhere


  • Less customizable to specific videos
  • More focused on the broader discovery

Hashtagify supplies the data you need to make informed choices. The bulk analysis is beneficial for managing multiple YouTube channels. Plus, it stays on top of trends so you can optimize hashtags at the right time.

How to Use YouTube Hashtag Generators: Step-by-Step Guide

Here are some tips to make the most of the top 5 hashtag generators that you now know about:

Before creating hashtags, do keyword research related to the topic of your film to identify important long-tail catchphrases. This provides more background data to the instrument.

Step#1 Employ a central keyword

Prioritize one main phrase that sums up the main points of your film. Next, the generator can suggest hashtags that are strongly connected.

Step#2 Determine the significance

The hashtag generator will produce a large number of hashtags; and determine which are the most significant and essential.

Step#3 Put popularity first

To maximize effectiveness, arrange hashtags according to monthly searches and focus on the most well-liked ones.


Adding optimized hashtags is a proven way to enhance YouTube video discovery and gain more views, likes, and comments also improve your digital marketing. However, identifying the best-performing YouTube hashtags takes significant research. That’s where hashtag generators come in – they save you time and provide data to strategically choose hashtags that align with video topics and have a strong search volume.

Tools like TubeBuddy, VidIQ, TagsForLikes, RiteTag, and Hashtagify provide an efficient way to access relevant YouTube hashtags and analyze monthly searches. Use them to boost your video marketing and engagement throughout 2024.


How many hashtags should you use for YouTube?

Experts recommend using 10-15 hashtags for YouTube videos. This provides enough keywords for discoverability without over-optimizing. Place them at the start of the video description.

What types of hashtags work best on YouTube?

A mix of broad, medium, and long-tail hashtags works best. For example: #vlogging #vlog #dailyvlogging #dailyvloggingtips. Make most hashtags closely relevant to the video topic.

Where should you put hashtags on YouTube?

Place important hashtags at the beginning of the video description, as the first hashtags get the most visibility. You can also include relevant tags in the title but focus on optimal SEO.

Should you use hashtag generators for every video?

It’s best to use hashtag generators for most videos to optimize each video individually. But you can also create a master list of frequently used hashtags for your channel to reuse.

How often should you update YouTube hashtags?

Check hashtag generators regularly (e.g. monthly) to swap in new trending hashtags, phase out outdated ones, and optimize based on new video topics and keywords. Be agile with your tags.

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