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Photography is an art of creating photos with your unique techniques. By clicking photos you have to remember some rules that make your this art effective. Not every person has the art of photography, but if you have this art or have interest then I am introducing you to a platform called Photeeq that completely guides you to make a professional photographer. It is not an easy task. You have to do everything perfectly to make your photography unique from others and eye-catching. In this case this platform is the best place for you to guide about photography.

What is photeeq?

Photeeq is an online webpage that shares tips, news, reviews, tutorials, and information about photography and videography so that you can improve this art . It is also getting famous as a photography and videography website. Its tutorials and reviews helped many of photographers worldwide to enhance the beauty of their photos and videos. It has focus to guide focus in a way that makes them professional.

How does it work?

It is a web-based tutorials and reviews website. Photeeq has some authors that have the experiences of 10 to 25+ years. These authors share helpful information about photography. All of the shared knowledge is grateful because it is shared by the experienced photographers. So, it is a great source of knowledge for photographer and videographer lovers to enhance and polish their art.

Here we will discuss about author’s biography

·         Jeff fishal

Jeff is the CEO and the owner of Photeeq and has 25+ years experience of photography. In the 1980s, he started his photography career and has experience in photography. He also thinks that he should need to share his experience with beginner’s photographers. Now, Jeff has aimed to provide helpful information to those who are struggling in the field of photography.

·         Rachel Noel

Rachel has 10+ years of experience in photography and is a contributor on this platform. She did his role as a top photographer in the UK. So his shared information is grateful for newly photographers to improve their skills

·         Connor Kovack

Connor is also writer and contributor of this webpage and has 6+ years of experience as a photographer and videographer. He did photography in Los Angeles, the city of America. Connor’s knowledge about the field of photography is helpful for people.


·         Food photography

Food photography is a great genre in the wide field of photography, capturing images of food in a decent and pleasant manner. If you are a food photography lover and want to click amazing food photos then it provides many tips and information about effective food photography. Its author and contributor shared information about the styling, lighting, composition, background selection and selecting camera equipment to capture the best and eye-catching food photography.

·         Laboratory

photeeq laboratory shared information about photo ideas. Tell about which photoshoots are impactful and also about poses ideas.

·         News

It also shares news about what is happening in the photography world. News helps you to stay updated with photography things. Includes news like camera releases, advancements in imaging technology and equipment manufactures and trends in photography.

·         Tutorials

Its photography tutorials are instructional guides that help individuals to improve their skills. These tutorials and guides cover a wide range of topics including camera basic setting, advanced editing software’s and genres like portraits and landscape photography.

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There are several advantages of using this platform including:

·         Authentic information: All the shared information is authentic by experienced photographers.

·         No login registration required: You have no need to login or get registered to use this amazing platform.

·         Free and easy: You have access to the information free of cost and in an easy way.

·         Ads free: This website contains no ads which help you to use it comfortably.

·         Safe and secure: Photeeq is also a safe and secure platform. It provides a fully safe environment to its users and protects from malware.


·         One of the main disadvantage of this platform is that all the shared tutorials and information are in written form. You have to read long articles to understand tutorials and you also need to have a good reading skill.

·         It is time consuming because you have to read long articles.

Some are the photo editing apps and software

1.      Canva

Canva is the most famous photo and video editor online platform both for PCs and smartphones. It contains many features that help you to make your photography and videography more attractive.

2.      Pixlr

It is another online image editing platform similar to Photoshop. By using its wide ranges of photo editing tools you can transform your photos is an eye-catching shape.

3.      Snapseed

Snapspeed is a mobile application both for iOS and android. This is free to use and provides a wide range of features to its users that make their photography attractive.

4.      Picsart

Picsart is also a mobile application containing diverse ranges of photo editing features. It provides a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for users. Picsart is also used for designing purposes.


Photography is a great art and if anyone has this art he should need to polish it. In this way, Photeeq is the best place to know all about photography. It shares clear tips and information that is grateful for its visitors. Its owner has aimed to make professional photographers for the future through his experiences. In my opinion, it is a great way to share valuable photography and videography information among people through a webpage.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Is there any app for photeeq?

Surely, No according to our research there is no app, software or plugin of photeeq. It is an online publisher platform where experienced photographers share information.

Is this legal and safe?

Yes, it is totally legal and safe through clear data collection practices mentioned in the privacy policy. When a visitor comes on site and shares their information such as comments, IP addresses and browser details, it is collected simply for user safety and prevention.

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